Brands to Watch From Copenhagen International Fashion Fair AW24

Brands to Watch From Copenhagen International Fashion Fair AW24

Without a doubt, Copenhagen International Fashion Fair has become one of the most influential destinations during fashion month. As one of the first stops on the tour, it sets the tone for the rest of the month. The week is always filled with exciting shows, great street style, lavish dinner spreads, and beautiful showrooms. However, one of my favorite stops of the week is CIFF – the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair. Occurring twice a year and celebrating over 30 years of operation, it is undoubtedly one of the biggest draws of press and attention during the week. Media, buyers, editors, and more come from all over the world to see the showcase of brands, ranging from emerging and new to heritage ones. The fair covers fashion, beauty, and homeware, and notably this year, they featured a specific section for clothing brands focused on extended sizing.

Every season, I am introduced to brands that were not on my radar prior to that week, and I always leave with a long list of names I want to explore once I’m home. CIFF continues to prioritize sustainability and innovation, constantly listening to consumers and visitors on how they can enhance the user experience. For instance, they have developed an app that allows you to search for featured brands and directs you on the map to find them. Additionally, they host a variety of local chefs and restaurants, providing visitors with the full Danish experience.

Check out these six brands from CIFF that I believe everyone should know.

Drawing inspiration from her farming roots in Ukraine, designer Tetyana Chumak decided to launch her brand TG Botanical, aiming to blend nature, technology, and fashion. Since its inception in 2021, the brand has been releasing collections in earthy organic colors, embodying femininity, coolness, and fashion-forwardness, all while utilizing natural materials and dyes such as hemp, nettle, linen, and cotton. The team keeps production in-house with a team of 30 women in Ukraine, remaining committed to adopting new sustainable processes.

TG Botanical recently showcased its fall collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week, marking only their third runway show, while also exhibiting their work at CIFF. It’s always exciting to witness the growth of this brand.

A new discovery for me this year is RagBag. Established in 2020, the brand aims to blend traditional and modern jewelry techniques. The designers feel as though RagBag offers an eclectic fusion of their personalities while maintaining the classic Scandi aesthetic that many admire. Personally, I’m drawn to their simple yet sculptural metal pieces, like the pendant necklace below, but they also dabble in color, as seen in their charm bracelet adorned with honey topaz stones. It’s evident that quality craftsmanship is their top priority.

This Copenhagen-based brand initially emerged in the realm of unisex streetwear, with a primary focus on crafting high-quality basics. Their collection predominantly features sweatsuits, t-shirts, and tanks—an embodiment of ‘uncomplicated basics.’ Their journey commenced with the aspiration to create the perfect t-shirt, a quest that resonates with many. After mastering their signature tee, they expanded their repertoire to include a full line of impeccably crafted closet staples.

One of the greatest aspects of CIFF is the opportunity to explore more than just clothing. One of the greatest aspects of CIFF is the opportunity to explore more than just clothing; beauty and homeware are equally captivating destinations. A standout brand in the homeware realm is Niko June. This brand defies categorization solely as homeware, defining itself as both an active office and a creative workshop where collaboration, fluidity, and flexibility thrive. While a semi-permanent Niko Juno collection remains in the studio, the space also showcases a diverse array of eye-catching artist pieces, each unique in its own right. Familiar to many is Niko Juno’s iconic Eros Torso vase, one of the brand’s earliest introductions.

Another newcomer to the scene is Annarr, which translates to ‘next to come.’ According to the designers, the brand was created with the intention to provide clothing options to the younger generation, who are increasingly inclined towards dressing up and investing in a more elevated wardrobe. Annarr is also committed to prioritizing sustainability. An intriguing feature they have incorporated is the ability to track the journey of each garment, from its inception to its current state, simply by scanning the code on the tag. This level of transparency is uncommon in early-stage brands.

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