Best Skin Care Facial Tools & Devices 2021: LED, NuFace

For me, the NuFace doesn’t offer the same immediate lift, but after using it as

For me, the NuFace doesn’t offer the same immediate lift, but after using it as instructed (every day for five minutes), my skin absolutely looks like it did after a pro treatment. My cheekbones look more sculpted, my skin feels nicely toned, and, because you can use it every day, you keep the benefits rolling on in. I’ve noticed enough of a difference in my skin to a) commit to using it for good and b) make the price tag worth it. Everyone’s different, and of course it’s not the same as Botox or a face lift, but it does make you look like you’ve really slept well for about two weeks. There’s not heaps of clinical research into microcurrent for cosmetic use, but one study out of Italy found that it did noticeably improve skin laxity, with the caveat that repeated use is necessary.

Then, LED. I have fairly sensitive skin and found that an LED boost at the end of an aggressive extraction facial always served to soothe my skin and extend the benefits of the post-treatment glow. But the machines they use are massive and bulky, so I didn’t think I’d ever be able to recreate that at home, either. However, The Light Salon has nailed it with its at-home Boost mask. Constructed from a soft, pliable plastic, the two straps make it so you can comfortably wear it while watching Netflix, scrolling Instagram, or even working on your laptop. The 10-minute blast of LED leaves my skin looking really lovely, with a brighter complexion and a supple feel. It’s thought that red LED light can help stimulate collagen production, and there is some preliminary research that looks promising.