Best Hair Trends in 2023, According to Celebrity Stylists

Getty Images When the clock strikes twelve on January 1st, the new year ushers in

best hair trends 2023

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When the clock strikes twelve on January 1st, the new year ushers in endless opportunities for new beginnings, especially when it comes to hair. If you’re a stickler for accomplishing your New Year’s resolutions, you can make a pact with your besties to grow thicker, stronger tresses this year. Maybe you’re in the mood to switch things up? Then you should opt for a bold new hair color. Or, you can rock one of 2023’s biggest hair trends.

We asked top celebrity hair stylists to share the hottest hairstyle trends to expect in the new year, and they’re packed with super cute options. Is nostalgia your go-to style? You’ll be happy to know that ’90s era styles like Pamela Anderson’s iconic updo are back in full force. If you rock your natural hair texture, there are easy trends that you can slay from the comfort of your own home. In the mood for a drastic change? There are expert-level cuts that need to be styled by a professional but will definitely impress when you return to school after break.

Are you ready to kick off the new year with a new look? Check out these nine celebrity hairstylist-approved hair trends to try out in 2023.

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Natural Voluminous Curls

Natural hair enthusiasts, 2023 is your time to shine. According to Maxine Salon stylist Raven Hurtado, “Rocking your own natural texture will continue to trend in 2023.” She recommends adding layers to ensure “more lift and shape,” using styling products to “volumize and define your curls and then drying your curls with a diffuser” to achieve a larger-than-life look. If some of your ends have a looser curl pattern, Hurtado suggests using a 1-inch curling iron to help your tips blend in with the rest.


Flippy Bob, Side Parted

Thinking of doing a big chop? Bobs will be back in 2023. Hurtado suggests adding a “side part and flipped ends” to give the look a fresh update.

2023 is all about bangs — bottleneck bangs, to be exact. According to Hurtado, these lightly textured bangs are all the rage because they’re “shorter in the middle, curved outwards, and have longer pieces hitting just right at the cheekbone.” Emily in Paris star Lily Collins is a fan of the trending look.

Get ready to put your gorgeous face on full display because updos are a style to watch in 2023 — and they’re perfect for prom. According to celebrity hairstylist and Trademark Beauty co-founder Joseph Maine, traditional simple, sleek buns are always trending, but this year more intricate updos from tousled looks, a la Pam Anderson, to sculptured styles, like finger waves, will be some of the go-to styles hitting the red carpet this award’s season.

Larger-than-life blowouts will continue to slay in 2023. According to Maine, you can achieve this look at home with velcro or hot rollers, or dryer brushes and root lift spray.

If you live for a more relaxed, tousled look, Maine recommends rocking a faux-out in 2023. You simply style your hair in a blowout and comb out the curls to achieve the desired waves.

Spruce up your go-to pony with accessories. According to RPZL Master Stylist Stephanie Angelone, bubble ponytails will reign supreme in the new year. Along with making your ponytail pop with bold accessories, Angelone suggests adding clip-in extensions for extra length and volume.

Go bold or go home in 2023, because the new year is all about extreme length and volume. No matter if you naturally have long hair or you’re rocking extensions, Angelone recommends adding clip-ins to ensure your look remains “full from top to bottom.”


Half-Fulani Braids, Half Knotless Braids

This hybrid ‘do is the result of combining two of the biggest protective style trends at once. It’s hands down one of the fave ‘dos rocked by influencers like Jackie Aina and Lellies Santiago.

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