Visit our Dry (Skin) January homepage for more dry skin essentials. Skin care routines can feel just that: routine. After a long day, washing your face and slapping on moisturizer doesn’t always feel like self care. They don’t feel special. Face masks, on the other hand, are an every-once-in-a-while treat for your […]

A pixie haircut might be the change you’re looking for in 2024. “It’s wonderful to see the abundant variations of pixies on the streets coming to life. There’s an unlimited number of techniques that can be used to bring the pixie to life, so don’t be afraid to texturize the […]

Windsor police are investigating a break-in at a jewelry store at Tecumseh Mall where a vehicle was used “as a battering ram” to smash into the mall doors, according to officers. Police responded to a security alarm at the mall Tuesday shortly before 4 a.m. They discovered significant […]

A couple of days after Aishat Bolomope’s wedding on Dec. 31, the newlywed realized that she might be spending her honeymoon on the choppy seas of internet outrage. Friends from as far as her native Nigeria said they recognized her in a video clip that drew millions of views online. […]

Find the perfect one for you among the most beautiful women’s haircuts of 2024. Six ultra-glam proposals that will set the trend. Six hair looks full of character to experiment with, either to radically change your style or give an extra twist to your locks. The 2024 hair trends show […]