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A woman in Lee County said she met a man online and detained her from $ 66,000.

After the victim filed a complaint, the sheriff’s office began an investigation on June 11. In it, she said on October 10, 2020, she met the suspect through the “Words with Friends” chat feature and started talking to him on the “Hangouts” app.

The suspect is on an oil rig off California and tells her
Help him get more data for his phone so they can keep talking.For the next
Eight months later, the victim sent a $ 100 Nike gift card through the “Hangouts” app.
The suspect may purchase more data for his phone.

The victim sent a $ 18,000 wire transfer to the suspect on November 13 to allow him to “buy parts for oil drilling rigs.” Then, on January 7, she sent him a certified check for $ 16,300.

Victims said she believed she was in a romantic relationship with a man and was willing to send him through Bitcoin transfers totaling more than $ 30,000.

On June 10, the victim decided to file a complaint with the sheriff’s office, determining that he was uncertain whether the suspect was telling the truth.

The sheriff’s office has not released any further information regarding the case, and the suspect’s identity has been edited from the complaint.

A woman in Lee County says an online beauty stole $ 66,000 from her

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