6 Beauty Hacks for Your Next Party

6 Beauty Hacks for Your Next Party

Getting glammed up for a party is exciting. Putting on fresh makeup and slipping into something flattering makes you feel pretty, confident, and feminine. But what happens when the fun of the party takes its toll on all your hard work? No worries: These genius party beauty hacks are guaranteed to outsmart any last-minute beauty mishaps — in seconds. The result: A gorgeous you at any gathering.

Make lipstick fade-proof.

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Want your lipstick to look fresh all night without constant reapplication? Try this simple trick: First, apply one coat of lipstick, then blot it with a tissue. Next, dip an eye shadow brush into cornstarch and dab it onto the entire lip area; finish with a second lipstick coat. The powder soaks up the smudge-causing oils of the first coat, while giving the second coat something to grip onto so it won’t feather, run, or fade. Another tip: Give your face a youthful lift by dabbing clear lip balm onto the tops of cheekbones. The shine catches light to optically offset any facial droopiness.

Avoid mascara smudges.

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It never fails that by the end of a fun night out, thanks to runny mascara, we look in the mirror to find a raccoon staring back at us! The easy key to prevent it: After applying mascara, mist some alcohol-free hair spray (which won’t irritate eyes) onto a clean spoolie brush, then sweep onto lashes. The hair spray locks mascara right onto lashes for mess-free eyes all night long.

Ensure stay-put makeup.

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It may be cold outside, but spend a few hours drinking and dancing with the heat on indoors and you’ll be sweating your makeup right off. This can help: Rub a pea-sized amount of milk of magnesia on your face prior to applying makeup. The medicine cabinet staple’s magnesium hydroxide creates an absorbent shield that prevents oil or sweat from ruining makeup. Keep in mind that milk of magnesia is primarily a medication meant to be taken orally, and not a beauty product, so extensive use on your face may cause adverse effects like acne. If you find yourself in regular need of foundation help, you may want to invest in a dedicated primer.

Camouflage sparse spots.

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If you’re like us, you strategically style your hair to avoid putting focus on bare spots, but after a round on the dance floor, your now-messy ‘do gives it all away. To hide them in advance: Dip a shadow brush into a matte eye shadow similar to your hair’s hue and dust onto sparse areas along the scalp or hairline; set with hair spray. The shadow’s texture and color blend in with the rest of hair so spots are impossible to see.

Preserve a more intricate updo.

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Argh! It seems like no matter how much time we spend perfecting an elegant ‘do, it unravels out minutes into a party. To the rescue: dry shampoo. Just spritz a light layer onto any hair elastics or bobby pins before using them. The powdery spray gives the hair-holders added grip for maximum holding power. Also smart? Mist hair with dry shampoo before placing strands up as the spray provides texture that makes it easier to style.

Outsmart fashion oops with panty liners.

Simply toss a few in your bag for a fast on-the-go fix.

Pit stains? Place a panty liner, sticky side down, along the armpit area inside of a dress or blouse. Its absorbent cotton sops up perspiration so it won’t show through gor stain clothing.

Blisters? Cut a small piece of panty liner and stick inside shoes, in the spots where they tend to rub. The soft liner forms a barrier between skin and the inside of shoes to stop blister-causing friction.

Too-tight bra? Simply stick a panty-liner along the underwires of your bra to avoid pesky under-boob chafing, or cut one and place under shoulder straps, sticky side up, to prevent straps from digging into your skin.

This article originally appeared in our print magazine, Woman’s World.

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