5 colors that suit blondes better than anyone

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: it is 2022, everyone can wear what they want and it is obviously true, but it is also an undeniable fact that some colors look better on some people rather than others. Knowing your complexion is an important step in creating your personal style, as some tones can make you look washed out and tired even when you’re feeling your best. If you’re a blonde and you want to find out what colors look better on you, here are 5 tones you should consider incorporating into your wardrobe.


Black is obviously a universal color that looks great on almost all people, but there is a specific charm in how exactly it looks on blondes. This hue creates a beautiful contrast between the light skin and hair of the blond people and their outfit, which makes their beauty pop out even more. If you swipe the classic white button-up with a black one, you are sure to receive plenty of compliments. For a dramatic look, a fitted black dress worn on a night out will surely make you the star of the show, especially when worn with a bright red lipstick.

Forest green

While deep green colors like jade, emerald, and basil look wonderful on brunettes and redheads as well, they are especially attractive on blondes. This color is great when used as an accent, for example an emerald colored scarf such as one with traditional Celtic motifs or a deep green jumper like an Aran sweater worn with some basic black trousers. Blondes are particularly fond of Celtic attire because the rich hues of green combined with the intricate patterns and designs create stunning outfits that make the blondes stand out.

Pastel pink

Pastel colors look better on blonde people than on any other complexion, and pastel pink is an exceptionally suitable tone for them. Not only does it not wash away their beauty like pastel pink tends to do, but it also makes blondes look more feminine and alluring. A pastel pink silken shirt or blouse can make any blonde look luxurious and sophisticated, highlighting their fair skin and the color of their eyes, particularly when they are blue.

Rust orange

Earth tones look great on blondes, and one of the colors that suits blondes the best is the deep orange-brown tint of rust.  It is especially appropriate for autumn and the Halloween season.  A monochrome ensemble with matching sweatshirt and pants will create a wonderful look to wear in October. For a more toned-down appearance, for example for office or school, combine a pair of beige pants with a rust-colored turtleneck or make this hue the focal one in your look by wearing a bright rust coat with a classic white shirt and denim jeans.


Another classic tone, vibrant red is frequently linked with brunette girls with dark hair like the ones from the James Bond movies since it well contrasts with their tan, glowy skin. However, blondes can look just as good, if not better, in this bright shade because just like in the case of black, it creates a contrast between the vivid color and their fair, pale features. For a femme fatale look, a fitted red dress with some nude pumps can be worn at any official event, while a bright red two piece suit will be perfect to make yourself noticed in a working environment.

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