3 retro-inspired hairstyles that are majorly trending right now according to an expert

November 07, 2022 – 17:15 GMT Natalie Salmon From the 1990s Rachel Green inspired shaggy Sachel haircut to the 1970s Farrah Fawcett blow dry, Martin Palmer at Nicky Clarke lets us in on some of the biggest hair trends to look out for this winter – read more […]

Natalie Salmon

In order to look forward, you have to look back. The adage is never truer than when it comes to our style, our wardrobes are often inspired by the styles of the 1970s and 1990s (flares and parachute pants anyone?) and now it turns out our hairstyles are no different.

Some of the most requested styles this season have all been influenced by decades old dos – but now with a modern twist they are oh-so on trend. From the 1990s Rachel Green inspired Sachel to the 1970s Farrah Fawcett flick, Martin Palmer, salon manager at Nicky Clarke Birmingham let us in on some of the biggest hair trends to look out for this winter:

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The 1990s Inspired Sachel

“The Sachel is a cross between The Shag haircut which is lots of layers and the Rachel haircut, popularised by the character played by Jennifer Anderson in ‘Friends’ for which the face framing sides are taken,” explains Martin, “Unlike The Shag, The Sachel has longer layers which are more versatile that shorter ones. Style using velcro or heated rollers for a fuller look or add a slight kink with hot irons or a wand for a more relaxed look. Your hairdresser will help you decide where to start your face framing from, keep them longer to soften a square or strong jaw, people with high cheekbones can afford to take them shorter. Add bangs for a elegant, glam look or go for a short choppy fringe for a more edgy look.”

The 1920s Inspired Bob 

“The one length bob with centre parting is another cut that is on trend. It is a very technical cut so I would not recommend trying to cut it yourself at home, it is definitely one for the professionals.” According to Martin, the cut suits a more oval shaped face and people who do not have a low hairline. “Very thick or curly hair should also avoid this style as it will be very hard to manage at home. It works great on people with straight, fine to medium hair. Blow dry with a good mousse like the Wella SP Volumize Aerolifter and a round brush. To change it up a bit add a slight curl using a wand or tong, make sure to keep the ends of the curl out to give it a more modern twist.”

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The 1970s Inspired Coastal Flick 

As seen on Matilda Djerf and Taylor Hill, lots of celebrities and influencers have been seen sporting the ‘coastal flick’ lately. “This can be easily styled yourself at home if you have layered hair as it’s a simple blow dry trick.,” Martin reveals, “The style works well on fluffy, bouncy blow dried layers, and you can create the flick using a round brush to blow dry front sections of hair outwards from your face. It’s really wearable on mid length hair but also looks cute on bobs.”

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