25 Deepika Padukone Inspired Hairstyles that can never go off-trend

Let’s face it, if you have been invited to multiple events this season, even after you have picked your outfits and accessories; settling on a standout but effortless hairstyle can be pretty stressful. While weddings have always been a special occasion where you even as guests get to glam up […]

Let’s face it, if you have been invited to multiple events this season, even after you have picked your outfits and accessories; settling on a standout but effortless hairstyle can be pretty stressful. While weddings have always been a special occasion where you even as guests get to glam up and go big. But, when it comes to hair, and hairstyles, settling on an easy-to-achieve look is not that easy after all. At least not without inspiration. When it comes to making a fashion statement with the hair, Deepika Padukone has never failed to impress. Although her gorgeous face and statement-making fashion picks steal the spotlight, Deepika Padukone has always stepped out with envy-worthy hairdos. 

From her signature messy buns to statement ponytails, Deepika Padukone has managed to deliver hairstyles that can never go off-trend. The style icon has effortlessly served lessons on how to make a simple hairstyle look pretty and powerful at the same time. When it comes to hairstyle inspiration for the festive season, Deepika has certainly taught us that when styled well the hair can be a crowning glory. Whether you want something to guide your hairstylist or you are looking for inspiration to self-style, bookmark these Deepika Padukone-inspired hairstyles to try when you want to stand out. From messy and gorgeous, to sleek and neat, there is a timeless hairstyle for everyone; all you need do is scroll. 

1. Deepika’s Signature Messy Low Bun 

Deepika’s Signature Messy Low Bun

Whether you are planning to wear a dress, a saree, a lehenga, or a bandhani-printed kurta set like Deepika; a messy low bun will work for you. After all, it’s incredibly versatile and a go-to hairstyle for B-town divas. Deepika Padukone has flaunted the messy low bun look plenty of times and yet managed to amaze us every time. The hairstyle is easy to create and perfect for all hair types and face shapes. 

2. Ponytail with a twist 

Ponytail with a twist

Deepika stunned everyone when she walked out for Cannes 2022 in a gorgeous red Louis Vuitton gown featuring barely-there straps and a plunging neckline. She paired her voluminous skirt with a show-stopping Cartier necklace. However, the hero of her look had to be the standout ponytail. Take cues from the diva and take your basic ponytail up a notch, with twisted details and a messier finish. The look is perfect for a cocktail gown or a statement saree. 

3. Say yes to hair accessories 

Say yes to hair accessories

Take cues from Deepika’s Cannes 2021 look when she stepped out in a statement sequin saree by Sabyasachi and took her look up a notch with a stunning headband. If you want your saree look to stand out say yes to hair accessories to effortlessly make a statement. Play it safe and go for a semi-messy bun like Deepika and flaunt your glam face and statement earrings. 

4. The Messy Top Knot

The Messy Top Knot

Time and again Padukone has expressed her love for a classic top knot messy bun and we are heavily inspired. The messy bun is easy to style and works effortlessly with any outfit. If you are planning to add a fun and fresh element to your look go for a top knot bun that’s not too tight and finish it up with a texturizing spray to make it look just the right amount of messy throughout the event. 


5. Side-swipe slick wave

Side-swipe slick wave

If you have short hair and you are looking for hairstyle inspiration, you must go for easy side-parted wavy hair that’s set in place with heavy hair spray/gel. This is the perfect hairstyle if you want your look to stay neat throughout the event without going OTT. The chic hairstyle is perfect for a night event. 

6. Pulled back low braid

 Pulled back low braid

If you are planning to wear a chic indo-western outfit, you can go for this statement hairstyle right out of Deepika’s hairstyle archives. All you need to are two seamless black hair ties to hold your hair in place. Go for a side parting after you have gelled up your hair, and tie your hair in a low pulled-back ponytail followed by an easy braid that’s secured with another hair tie. The hairstyle is chic and easy to style. Finish it off with some hair gel for a slick look to add to the oomph factor.

7. The easy side-parted soft curls look

The easy side-parted soft curls look

If you like to keep things simple, go for an easy side-parted soft curls look like Deepika. Keep your wedding guest look to a minimum and go for a side easy parting and lightly curl or blow-dry your hair for a dreamy look. Make sure you, finish off with hairspray to keep the messy look just as messy as you want throughout the event. The hairstyle is perfect to flaunt your new highlights or haircut.

8. A classic low bun with middle-parted wavy tendrils

A classic low bun with middle-parted wavy tendrils

Deepika Padukone loves to experiment with low buns and proves low buns don’t have to be basic. Take cues from Deepika’s look and style your low bun with a semi-middle parting to flaunt those wavy tendrils up front. This hairstyle is perfect for a put-together look without actually trying too hard. The hairstyle is classic, easy to self-style, and will look perfect with pretty much every outfit you’ve chosen. 

9. The scarf look

The scarf look

If you have been invited to a destination wedding, or you are in the mood to go vintage, take cues from Deepika’s look and accentuate your messy bun with a floral scarf headband. You could also go for a braid or play around with sizes, patterns, and types of scarves. The look is perfect for a breezy outdoor party. 

10. The curly ponytail 

The curly ponytail

If you’ve been following Deepika Padukone, you’d know the actress loves sleek ponytails. But who says ponytails have to be straight and smooth? Go for an effortless pulled-back ponytail after you have curled your hair. The look is perfect if you have multiple events a day. If you went for curls for the day, go for a sleek pulled-back ponytail to flaunt your messy curls. It’s the perfect second-day hairstyle for a quick put-together look. 

11. The vintage side parted ponytail

The vintage side parted ponytail

Deepika has certainly proved ponytails should never be boring, take cues from her look and go for a vintage side parting and a low ponytail for a quick, effortless, yet standout hairstyle. Add to the vintage aesthetic with vintage winged eyeliner. 

12. Half-Up, Half-Down

Half-Up, Half-Down

If you are bored of buns and open hair go for a half bun. The half-up, half-down look is definitely a standout hairstyle and works for pretty much every outfit. The hairstyle can be a wedding-guest classic as it can help you get those tresses out of your face while flaunting your length. 

13. Short Sleek hair

Short Sleek hair

Deepika Padukone proves even a sleek straight hairdo can look like a statement hairstyle if you get a smart haircut. All you need is a straightener and some setting spray and you are good to go. The sleek straight hair look is the most versatile hairstyle that’ll add a put-together element to any outfit. 

14. A textured bun 

A textured bun

Whether it’s an intimate wedding or a big fat Indian wedding; you could never go wrong with a classic textured low bun, All you need to do is invest in a good texturizing product to add volume to your hair. The trick is to backcomb your hair to create texture and add volume. Feel free to add layers with your fingers and secure your hair into a low bun. Make sure you add plenty of bobby pins and hairspray to make it last as long as you want.

15. The Mighty high pony

The Mighty high pony

If you like to go OTT, you are going to love recreating this hairstyle sported by Deepika for Cannes 2019. The actress proves nothing can really stop you from being the talk of the event with a mighty high pony. The daring hairstyle is all you need to add character to your look. After you have secured a high ponytail, finish the look by wrapping a thick ponytail strand around the base of your pony to cover your hair ties. Make sure you secure the look with plenty of bobby pins and setting hairspray. You can also use extensions for the extra voluminous look. 

16. The Vintage Romance

The Vintage Romance

If you are planning to add a voluminous vintage touch to your look you must go with this fabulous bouffant hairstyle. For the 2019 Met Gala Deepika Padukone wore a stunning metallic pink Zac Posen gown. Take inspiration from the look and style your hair into a bouffant along with a matching diamond headband that looks like a crown. If you want to go easy, you can ditch the bouffant and complete your look with a matching headband paired with a messy bun with loose tendrils or bangs for a romantic look. 

17. Side parted low bun

Side parted low bun

18. Long straight hair 

Long straight hair

The classic long straight hair look is a no-stress beauty solution that takes no time but never fails to deliver a flawless and chic look. Simply straighten your hair if you don’t want to go over the top for a glamorously chic look. 

19. The Classic gajra look

The Classic gajra look

When it comes to the wedding season, everything revolves around your traditional and ethnic wear. If you are planning to wear a traditional Banarasi saree or a classic gold border saree; go for the classic gajra look. All you need to do is go for a pulled-back bun and secure it with a beautiful gajra around it to add to its ethnic aesthetic. 

20. Dreamy curls with a side part

Dreamy curls with a side part

Effortless and sophisticated, Deepika’s dreamy curls with a side part are the perfect look to accentuate your outfit. To re-create this hairstyle all you need to do is go for dreamy curls with a side parting. You can also pack one side of the hair to show off your earrings. The elegant hairstyle can add a dreamy touch to any outfit you are planning to wear to a daytime or nighttime event. Do not forget to finish the look with a generous dose of hairspray for bouncy curls throughout the event. 

21. Glorious and gelled 

Glorious and gelled

For the slick wet hair look, all you need to do is pin up the sides of the hair (above the ears) and pull up the top section of the hair to create a textured look. The easy-to-make hairstyle is definitely trending among celebrities. Deepika particularly loves the glorious and gelled look which gives a sartorial touch to any ensemble. Pick the super slick hairstyle for any night nighttime like a classic black Sabyasachi saree with a chic belt. 

22. Pulled-back low pony

Pulled-back low pony

Deepika Padukone proves a simple pulled-back low pony can look all kinds of chic. Take inspiration from her look and go for a sleek low ponytail with soft curls. Makes sure you complete the look with statement eyes or bold lips to make your face stand out. 

23. A black bow hairband for a vintage dream

A black-bow hairband for a vintage dream

Deepika loves a vintage look and we are taking notes. To recreate this look, all you need to do is go with a low ponytail and add a black hairband as the perfect vintage accent to your look. You can go for a black scarf and tie it as a pretty bow or go with a bow hairband to avoid the last-minute hassle. 

24. Sleek middle-parted wavy look

Sleek middle-parted wavy look

Deepika owns the simple sleek middle-parted look with soft curls. There is something about this hairstyle that beautifully blends a slick-gelled hairstyle and a soft look and we are loving it. Go for this Deepika Padukone-inspired hairstyle with a middle partition and long wavy hair. Make sure you neatly comb the middle partition and curl your hair for a simple yet classy look. The hairstyle is perfect for nighttime events. 

25. Accessorized Messy ponytail 

Accessorized Messy ponytail

Deepika Padukone proves that a pony shouldn’t be boring with her messy low ponytail paired with a matching ribbon as an accessory. To recreate this look, you must make your ponytail very textured and undone with hairspray. Secure the hair with a matching ribbon to complete the vintage yet winning look. 

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